Dancing in the Rain

In the outskirts of Giessen, the historic Kloster Schiffenberg served as the backdrop for a wedding shoot that I’ll always remember. As autumn painted the landscape in late October, each moment captured spoke of genuine, unscripted emotions. The day’s centerpiece was a dance between the couple, set under rainfall. It was a moment that beautifully symbolized the resilience of love, each step in harmony with the raindrops. The captivating German scenery, combined with the architectural elegance of Kloster Schiffenberg, created a scene straight out of a fairy tale. This wedding held a deeper meaning, as it supported a noble cause. The proceeds from this photoshoot were donated to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, adding a layer of heartfelt solidarity to the occasion. For the couple’s privacy, the images I share are carefully selected to convey their story without revealing their identities. These photos, though faceless, are brimming with emotion and narrative depth. As a photographer who finds joy in capturing authentic moments, this wedding reminds me why my camera is more than just a tool—it’s a gateway to preserving the beauty of life’s most precious, fleeting moments.

Charity Photography

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